Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM - Get directions to a place

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Get directions to a place

Get directions for walking, driving, or using public transport – use your current location or any

other place as the start point.
1. Tap Maps > .

2. If you don't want the start point to be your current location, tap Start, and search for a start


3. Tap End, and search for a destination.
The route is shown on the map, along with an estimate of how long it takes to get there. To

see detailed directions, tap route steps.

Tip: To remove a route you no longer need from the map, tap

> clear map.

Get walking directions

After creating your route, tap .
Get voice-guided driving directions

After setting your destination (use your current location as the start point), tap > start voice


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Get directions for public transport

After creating your route, tap .
Public transport info is available in selected cities around the world.